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      Men's 3 Piece Suit

      The dressing style of men has changed a great deal with time. Over the years the line between things that are deemed acceptable and not have blurred and this is a necessary change. But when you notice closely you can see some of the garments that have weathered through all these times and still remain in style. These are popularly known as classics and one broad category among them are the suits. The suits are being said to go out of style every year but still persist to be one of the staples in every man’s wardrobe. There are different styles in suits but in this article we discuss the 3 piece suits and some of the reasons on why you should get one of these for yourself.

      As mentioned before the suits are now a staple in every man’s wardrobe but most of people would have the 2 piece suits since they are the most usual options. The 3 piece suits are rare to be seen and when spotted they are on special occasions like weddings. This might be because of the fact that men consider the extra layer of vest to be a hassle and thus mostly avoid them instead of choosing the simpler style of 2 piece suits. But with the men now becoming more open to style and taking some effort in looking the best on the daily basis the men's 3 piece suits are coming back in style and thus it will be better for you to know some of the basics before choosing the style for yourself.

      The 3 piece suits were always not on the back seat as it is now and there was once a time when the 3 piece suits were the standard men's attire for daily use. When you want to trace back to the evolution of the 3 piece suits you will have to go back to the time of evolution of suits itself. The men’s suits have been in style for over centuries and they were considered to be the formal attire for special occasions and important meetings.  Grace Suits When the suits came into existence it was before centuries and at that time there were no heating systems as we have now and men had to make use of the garments to remain warm. Thus the vested suit came into existence and was considered to be the norm for a long time.

      Though the 3 piece suit has been in use for centuries it does not necessarily mean that they remained the same. With the changes in the taste of the men the details on the mens vested suits also changed giving rise to evolved styles with every change. But the reason why refer the suits as a classic is that the construction remains the same without any major changes. If you consider the difference between the 3 piece suits that we have now and the ones that evolved in the first round there will not be much to spot except that they are made of different fabrics and some obvious changes in the cut of the suit.

      The early styles of the 3 piece suits were made of thick fabrics so that they provide protection for the wearer from the cold and other weather elements. As for the 3 piece suits that we have now they are available in different materials both thick and light and you can choose the one that would suit you the best. Depending on the look that you need you can choose the fabric of the 3 piece suits.

      Best Men's 3 Piece Suits on Grace Suits

      For example when you are looking for a formal 3 piece suit that you can wear to your regular office day then it is best to go with 3 piece wool suits. This is because of the fact that they look the best all over the year and can be durable with good maintenance. Earlier the suits were made of thick wools but nowadays you have variations like the flannel 3 piece suits and worsted 3 piece wool suits. If you want to stick with the traditional style then go with the thick ones like the 3 piece tweed suits. These thick suits will offer a formal and sophisticated look when compared to the lighter ones.

      As for the light fabrics they are used when you are purchasing the suits when you are dressing for the summer and spring events where you want to keep comfortable for the whole day. 3 piece Cotton suits will offer the formal look even when they are light in weight but you might need to focus on the fit a bit more since they do not have the same type of drape that the wool suits have.

      If you are still not convinced about wearing the mens 3 piece suits as a regular wear then it would be best for you to go with the linen 3 piece suits. You can style these 3 piece linen suits for the special occasions like summer weddings and parties. The linen suits will keep you comfortable even when the temperatures are too high to relax but you must be careful of the wrinkles since the linen fabric tends to get crumpled easily. Other than this when you need a special look that is more on the luxurious side then you can choose to go with cashmere 3 piece suits or 3 piece silk suits. These are best for weddings especially if you are the groom since they make you stand out from the rest in the crowd. 3 piece Velvet suits are also a great pick but you should make sure first that you are comfortable with the flashy look that they offer before going with the style. For a cheaper style go with polyester 3 piece suits or rayon 3 piece suits but you will have to comprise on the comfort a little bit and this they are not much recommended unless you are on an impossible budget.

      Men's 3 Piece Suits With Jacket

      Other than the fabric the 3 piece suit jackets at that time were longer in length with the early ones having the tails that reach upto the knee. But with time the 3 piece suit jackets have become trimmer and shorter. To be clear the whole style of the 3 piece suits especially in terms of fit have changed a great deal in all these years. The fit of the men's 3 piece suits is an important detail to note since it greatly influences the look of your outfit. Most of the suits at that time were worn by the elite people since standardization was not available at that time and thus most people go with custom made 3 piece suits and thus the price involved was obviously on the higher side.

      Even today you have the custom-made 3 piece suits but most people tend to go with off the rack options since they are of much cheaper price and there are styles available for most body types. When you intend to get a perfect fit and don’t mind spending a little more then it will be best for you to go with designer 3 piece suits. But when on a budget off the rack options are the best and if they don’t fit you perfectly you can take it to your tailor and do some minor alterations so that it fits you better.

      For tall and lean people you can choose to go with skinny fit 3 piece suits and 3 piece slim fit suits. But when you consider this to be too formal fitting and would rather have some space to move about then try going with modern fit 3 piece suits or 3 piece classic fit suits. If your body does not come into the usual standards which is almost half of the population you can choose the 3 piece big and tall suits and have it altered as per your need.

      People who love to dress in a perfect fit would prefer the 3 piece suits more since the vest is the most perfect fitting garment in menswear. Thus when you go with the mens vested suit style it will accentuate your body shape more making your outfit look more stylish and sophisticated. But when you go with these 3 piece suits make sure that the fit of the vest is perfect since it can also influence the fit of the jacket. Go with the vest that hugs your body without being too tight so that they restrict your movements. As for the length of the vest it should be long enough to just cover the belt or the waistband of your dress trousers. There are single breasted vests and double breasted vests and you can choose the style that would suit your body type the best. Some vests even come with straps on the back which can help you adjust the fit of the vest thus making it a versatile pick that can be flexible in use.

      The 3 piece suits style was in use till the first half of the 20th century and there was even a time when men who stepped out without wearing a vest was considered to be underdressed. But when the war started the supplies for the civilians were limited. One among them were the raw materials for clothing and the rationing made the people leave out the garments that were considered to be extra and vests thereof went out of style. But in recent times the vests as a separate garment and also as the 3 piece suits are trending and thus it will best to know the details involved with it.

      As for the color of the 3 piece suits in the earlier times they were mostly of the darker shades like black 3 piece suits and charcoal gray 3 piece suits. Even today the trend continues and the dark colored ones are considered to be the most popular. 3 piece Navy blue suits and charcoal Tuxedo 3 piece suits are the best recommendations for the first time buyers since they can look the best for any type of events be it formal or casual. But when you are feeling experimental and the event that you are attending also allows for the change you can choose to add more color to your outfit. 3 piece Burgundy suits and green 3 piece suits are some of the styles that are becoming popular among the younger generation.

      The 3 piece suits are not the same as the 2 piece suits and thus most would wonder on how to style them and where to style them. When you style the 3 piece herringbone suit with a white dress shirt and a standard colored tie then the resulting look is formal on every aspects and you can style these for the important meetings in your office. But they will never work if the dress code of your office is jeans and t-shirts and thus it is important to consider the dress codes before you go with the style.

      Another great place to style the 3 piece suit is the weddings. The 3 piece wedding suits will give off a dressy look that makes them perfect for the celebratory vibe of the event. If you are the groom and want to try out a different look that usual tuxedos and still want to look impeccable for the special day then it is best for you to go with dressy ones like 3 piece Paisley suits. Even if you are the guest or the groomsman in the wedding you can go with the 3 piece suits but you should make sure to choose colors that do not overpower the groom’s outfit. Other than this you also have the option of using the 3 piece suit as separates. You can use the suit as a 2 piece suit and also use the vest separately to style with a dress shirt and jeans.


      3 Piece Slim Fit Suit on GraceSuits

      If you want to a suit but would like to stand out from the crowd while wearing it then look no further than the 3 piece suit. By simply adding a vest you can make your outfit look distinct among the crowd of people wearing the suits. The rarity of the 3 piece suit makes it more appealing to the eyes of the viewer. While there are many things that you will have to note with 3 piece suits one of the main things is the fit of the suit. Having a perfect fit with a distinct addition to the usual look will make the 3 piece suit look more convincing. In this article we discuss the 3 piece suit slim fit and some of the best ways to style the garment.

      The reason why we recommend you to go with slim fit suit is that it will give you a sharp look that you can style to almost any event. The slim fit of the garment is the best choice since you have the added layer of the vest which sometimes will make you look bulky especially if it is of a looser fit. But with the 3 piece suit slim fit it will offer a fitting look to the wearer thus making them easily pull off the look. If you are new to the concept of 3 piece suit then it is a suit that has a added piece of vest or waistcoat ( the name changes according to the country). You can wear the 3 piece suit slim fit with a dress shirt and a tie for a formal look.

      The vest adds extra character to the suit which is otherwise a basic 2 piece suit. Usually the vest of the 3 piece suit slim fit comes in the same material and color of the rest of the suit but you can also go with the odd vest which means that the vest is of different color or material. Most of the time men tend to go with the suit look when you need a formal garment. When you need the extra dose of formality we opt for double breasted suit. But the thing with double breasted suit is that they are not flexible and might look out of place in a semi formal or casual event. In this case you can go with 3 piece suit slim fit since it can deliver a impeccable formal look but when you lose the vest you can use it as a usual 2 button suit.
      3 piece suits slim fit were a common look until the Second World War and men were frowned upon if they step out of the house without vests. But with the World War came the rationing of the supplies and raw materials for clothing. To save money people started losing the extra layer of vest thus making it lose its importance. But with time the 3 piece suit slim fit have been in and out of style and this season it is definitely in the style.

      The main advantage with the burgundy suit is that they give a distinctive style which makes you one of the very few people who are dressed elegantly for the event. The main function of the vest in a 3 piece suit slim fit is that they hide the fabric of the shirt from showing in the portion between the end of the jacket and the start of the trousers. Due to this the 3 piece suit slim fit delivers a single unbroken line of view to the suit from the shoulder to the ankles. This will also create a illusion of taller look for the person wearing it and hence it is mostly recommended for men of shorter stature.

      Another major advantage with the 3 piece suit slim fit is that you can use the vest as separates as you do with the other elements of the suit. For a formal look you can go with the formal 3 piece suit slim fit complete with the vest and a white dress shirt and a tie. But when you need a smart casual look that you can wear to a summer wedding then you can style the vest of the 3 piece suit slim fit on its own with a dress shirt and a jacket. If you are wondering if this style will work this is a look approved by the formal style God David Beckham himself.

      While getting the classic fit suit one of the things that you will have to carefully note is the color of the suit since it greatly influences the look of the outfit. For a formal 3 piece suit slim fit style that you can wear to any formal events and also to the casual ones we would personally recommend you to stick with the classic ones like black 3 piece suit slim fit and navy 3 piece suit slim fit. Nowadays the charcoal gray 3 piece suit slim fit is also gaining a lot of fan following especially among the men who suit up for the work on a daily basis. These classic colors would ensure the versatility of the suit and help you style it to almost all events.

      For a semi formal or casual suit look that you can wear to summer weddings and parties we would recommend you to go with lighter colors of these suits. For example a cream 3 piece suit slim fit or a tan 3 piece suit slim fit might be a good style since they match the celebratory vibe of the warmer seasons.

      As for the type of fabric that the suits are made of go with wool 3 piece suit slim fit or a cotton 3 piece suit slim fit for a formal look while for a casual look go with linen 3 piece suit slim fit. Silk 3 piece suit slim fit and velvet 3 piece suit slim fit are for people who like dressier look.