Big suits are designed in all the latest styles, offering a broad wardrobe selection in big and tall suits. Choosing flattering big men's suits isn't difficult, if you keep a few things in mind. There are several factors to consider in choosing a big suit to always look your best.

      The jacket styles in big men suits varies widely. Your body type will influence the best jacket style for you. Padding in the shoulders varies from suit to suit. If you are broad in the shoulders, you may want to avoid padding because this can accentuate the broadness. On the flip side, if you are tall with slender shoulders, you may want a bit more padding in the shoulders.


      Consider the proportion of your body when selecting big & tall suits. Are you longer in the torso or in the legs? This is an important factor when shopping for big suits. If you are longer in the torso, you may want to avoid longer jacket styles. These tend to make the legs look shorter, which makes them a great choice if you are long in the legs with a shorter torso.

      The jacket is only part of the picture when selecting big suits. The best choice in trouser styles will be influenced by your body type as well. Men with larger waist sizes may want to skip the pleats and go for a flat front style, since pleats accentuate the waist line. Tall men with broad shoulders and a slender waist look great in pleated trousers. Fortunately the wide selection in big & tall suits makes it easy to find something that works best with your body.